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Icons & Graphics by heart_secret

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hellocitynights: Icons and graphics

what's this? This is the icon/graphics journal of heart_secret. All my icons and graphics will be posted here and everyone is free to take them. The name is just something that popped into my head, I like cities so I had to include it in the title. I was Formerly ______unwritten.

what kind of graphics? Basically all my icons and graphics will be stock, fandom, disney, sports, movies, or any icons and graphics I feel like posting. Sometimes I will do requests if you would like a specific icon or graphic.

rules Credit me for everything and anything you take, comment when you take anything, do not hotlink, textless icons/graphics are NOT bases, NO USING ON GREATESTJOURNAL OR XANGA OR ANY OTHER BLOGGING SITE/FORUM, credit me as either heart_secret or hellocitynights, more here.

examples Examples of my work:

places I post none right now

affiliates namelessmalice, inasecondxx, the_sodapops, harlequinhouse, wanna be one? ask here.

credits The profile coding is by me, the layout is by sevenstates, the table background is by 77words, anything else I used will be credited on the resources page, the icons/graphics are copyright to me. If you haven't been credited, have a question/concern, or have something else to say, let me know here.